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G&G FireHawk HC05 - AEG - 0,5 Joule

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G&G FireHawk HC05 - AEG - 0,5 JouleG&G

System  AEG

Kaliber  6 mm

Magazinkapazität  300 Schuss

Gewicht  2110 g

Gesamtlänge 550-640 mm

Energie  < 0,5 Joule für Deutschland  / 320 FPS nur für Export

Feuermodus Auto

v2 Gearbox

Lauflänge  120mm

Lieferung ohne Akku und Ladegerät

Fire Hawk HC05 (High Speed Version) Assault Rifle Replica
The High Speed version of the replica has undergone modifications that allow it to achieve a rate of fire of 29 shots per second! This gives a clear advantage not only when it comes to performance but also on a psychological level. This characteristic “drill” sows fear among enemies forcing them to stay behind cover.
Fire Hawk replica by G&G was made as a part of Combat Machine project, which aims to deliver high quality replicas at a price range that can be considered economic. Combat Machine replicas feature highest, G&G characteristic quality of finish and performance as well as high quality of used materials. The main factor that permits to reduce the price is the implementation of a high quality polymer instead of metal. Noteworthy is also the fact that the body was made from a glass fiber reinforced polymer – the same goes for the handguard and stock and almost all polymer elements. Metal parts include: outer barrel, stock slide, flash hider, latches and most of the small elements.
The replica features a GOS-V2 telescopic stock with a built-in storage as well as QD tactical sling mounts. The stock is regulated, which means that the length of the rifle can be adjusted to the body type and individual user’s preferences. The set includes flip-up iron sights.
Fire Hawk has a top 22mm RIS mounting rail as well as on the four sides of the handguard. This complete conversion allows for attachment of a wide array of additional accessories such as: optics, grips, flashlights and laser sights. The battery is stored inside the stock slide.
The replica comes with a polymer, hi-cap magazine with a capacity of up to 300 BBs.
The replica has a 8mm bearing-mounted gearbox V.2, which allows it to achieve muzzle velocity of ~320 FPS / Germany max 0,5J straight out of the box. Because of that and the implementation  of a 120mm inner barrel, the replica performs superbly on short and CQB airsoft activities. Inside is located a tight pneumatic system, equipped with a high quality Hop-Up chamber and bucking.
The set does not contain a battery or a charger.
The set includes:

  • Replica

  • Magazine



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